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Office in De Aar. Telephone 053 632 9100. Fax 053 631 0105. Voortrekker street 45. De Aar. 7000 Office in Britstown.

Excellent hydro-oil repellent for natural stone, especially for porous stone. In some cases it could give a very little wet effect. Preferably store at room temperature because of the presence of tert-butanol that leads to an increase in viscosity of the product at temperature lower than 10 - 15°C.

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Nero Marble Base. Available in 11 sizes. Product Code: M1524. Buying Options M1524A 55x55x20mm RRP £140.00. Please note that this product is sold in cartons of 56. M1524B 55x55x30mm RRP £108.00. Please note that this product is sold in cartons of 36. M1524C 65x65x20mm RRP £168.00. Please note that this product is sold in cartons of 56 M1524D 65x65x30mm RRP £126.00. Please.

·We pride ourselves with our high standard of quality of the items that we bend. Our 1200 ton x 7.5 meter long press was commissioned in September 2007 and is one of the biggest press brakes in South Africa.

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What the HumDinger will do: Block low-level DC voltage sitting on your AC power line that causes the power transformer to hum or buzz. This type of mechanical transformer hum may be caused if other devices on your power line, or devices on nearby power lines, use AC power asymmetrically.

A silicon pad in the CNC machined reel seat for the best fitting with reel seat. Nano carbon and multi drag group in full sealed waterproof, salt water proof structure, providing the tippet-protecting start-up to excellent power in chasing monsters, ideal for all fly fishing conditions.

HEXAFOR surfactants are highly effective and efficient fluorinated surface active agents based on short perfluorinated chains. They are especially designed to provide rapid spreading, wetting and leveling performances to a broad range of water and solvent Bornee systems such as detergents, paints and varnishes, inks, waxes and floor polishes, adhesives, battery and variety of specialty.